In Softcrits we have a set of innovative solutions that bring solid knowledge developed over the years.

Our experience in the field of advanced systems has allowed us to develop commercial solutions for wide scope and easy deployment to cover client needs in diverse areas such as monitoring, industrial processes and sensor networks.



Monitoring and Simulation of Complex Systems

Softcrits develops software and hardware solutions for complex simulation systems such as nuclear power plants, watersheds, desalination plants, etc..

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Industrial Control, Acquisition and Inspection Processes

Softcrits has wide experience in inspection processes, in particular in component inspection with ultrasonic methods or eddy current, considering from the data acquisition to evaluation as well as in the field of applications based on computer vision .

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Wireless Sensor Networks

Softcrits provides custom applications for various fields applicable to wireless sensor networks. We provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses everything that range from the physical sensors to the necessary control or monitoring software.

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