Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless sensor networks technology is emerging as one of the technologies of our present and future. Its wide range of applications together with its increasingly low cost make this technology more present in our lives.

SOFTCRITS provides custom applications for various fields applicable to wireless sensor networks. We provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses everything that range from the physical sensors to the necessary control or monitoring software.


Redes de Sensores Inalambricas

Precision Agriculture

Now you can control your production while sitting comfortably from home. Temperature, soil moisture and irrigation control, among many other possibilities.

Redes de Sensores Inalambricas

Monitoring Structures

Once the structures have been built and those that are still under construction are exposed to fatigue and conditions of use; monitoring through sensors let us know their status all the time.

Redes de Sensores Inalambricas

Industrial Environments Monitoring

Factories are equipped with multiple systems of quality control and monitoring of environmental conditions. Sensors are able to meet these objectives occupying minimal space and without wires.

Redes de Sensores Inalambricas

Health Monitoring

It is an emerging field that may revolutionize the way we manage a health center, for both  patients monitoring and radiation control in radiological environments.

Redes de Sensores Inalambricas

High security environments

Due to its low cost, small size and ease of installation in any environment, this technology can be used to control security settings, such as prevention of terrorist attacks.

Redes de Sensores Inalambricas

Environment Monitoring

Environmental control is becoming extremely very important and this technology is ideal when you want to monitor environmental conditions in large areas. Monitored features can range from temperature, humidity, and wind speed to seismic activity, among many others.

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