We show our latest projects in the field of monitoring, simulation and sensing.

Short presentation of the project
ebalance-plus project aims to increase and predict the available energy flexibility of distribution grids and increase grid resilience.
This is done by developing and deploying an energy-balancing platform that integrates technologies from various electricity

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Development of a Self-Installable Kit for Structural Monitoring of Critical Infrastructures

The project KAMIC addresses the development of a new structural health monitoring system for critical infrastructures (such as transport infrastructures,

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Softcrits has collaborated with Tecnatom in developing the suite of applications InspectView that integrates all necessary functions for the entire process of ultrasonic inspection of materials.
This suite is specially developed for

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Softcrits has collaborated with ABENGOA WATER for the realization of a graphical interface with support for importing data (HIRLAM, RADAR, etc.), GIS layers, support for management and graphic representation of

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Softcrits has collaborated with Tecnatom for the development of a new equipment for measuring the length of the rods of irradiated nuclear fuel.
The system allows the length of the rod

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Softcrits has collaborated with Tecnatom in the construction of a new online acquisition and analysis system, the Passive Gamma Scanner.

This system operates as a verifier for different manufacturing characteristics of

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In the FP7-ENV-2013-WATER-INNO-DEMO call, the European Commission evaluated the proposals submitted in the context of the mentioned call. This includes the proposal entitled: “SmArt water management with Integrated Decision support

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Self Learning Efficient builDings and open Spaces

SEEDS project focuses on harnessing advances in self-learning methods, wireless sensor technology and building technology to develop a novel system for Self Learning Energy

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Needs to provide drinking water to populations with limited supply capacity has involved the construction of a large number of desalination plants covering the necessary water demand.
As a Decision Support System

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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are a useful alternative for environmental control in critical areas to help solve emergency situations or to inspect dangerous zones in installations such as nuclear power

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FASTRACK is a project in the railway sector which main objective is the design of a new track system board suitable for use in high-speed railway lines (above 250 km /

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Softcrits has collaborated with Tecnatom in the development of a new simulation tools environment called TEAM-Suite.
This suite consists of different tools, each specialized in the automatic generation of simulation models of

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