Recently Softcrits, in the role of coordinator, together with the University of Malaga, Simbiente (Portugal), Sinergeo (Italy) and INOV (Portugal) have presented a proposal to participate in a project H2020 of the European Union. In this proposal, an Industrial Intelligent System for the management of industrial water will be developed in the municipality of Molina de Segura (Murcia, Spain).

The proposal is placed in the context of water monitoring systems, which play an increasingly crucial role in environments with increasing demand and where water consumption can be optimized.

The aim of I2WAM is to introduce a Decision Support System in all phases of water management through a set of sensors and actuators. The system includes specific software with data analytics capabilities and deployment in the cloud.

The use of the proposal will make it possible to find installation problems more quickly, such as water leaks, study customer habits to improve them through incentives, as well as identifying priorities in infrastructures. I2WAM will allow among others, the monitoring of deposit levels, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, pressure, chlorine, as well as the presence of algae on the surface.