The Company

Softcrits is a technological company, spin-off of the University of Málaga, founded in 2009 for the analysis, design, development and maintenance of software technologies for complex systems based mainly on the use of embedded items, computer networks and monitoring devices .caite

Softcrits born with a investigator spirit, result of the occupational origin of its founders. From this spirit of research  born the first projects, because the connection with the University of Málaga favors the existence of an enabling environment and knowledge.

The consolidation of the business lines that enabled sustained growth in the period 2009-2014 with the opening of new ones due to the opportunity to work in new areas of research, allows to turn around the company strategy towards an orientation more commercial than export the know-how to the needs of existing customers.

In Softcrits, we have global vision and we want to be your technological partner to bring you the best solutions in a solid, transparent and intelligent environment.


Mission, Vision and Values


  • Develop advanced technological systems,  based on the use of embedded items, computer networks and monitoring devices .
  • Provide consulting services based on our technical and practical knowledge applied to complex systems.
  • Contribute to the creation of value in society and the professional and personal development of our employees.


  • Be a high-tech company, a leader in system monitoring processes and facilities.
  • An efficient, flexible and committed to innovation and research company.
  • Being customer focused, and ready to give global solutions in complex areas.


  • Innovation: we create new and unique solutions, adding value with the latest available technologies, in continuous evolution, working with passion and high enthusiasm.
  • People working with a multidisciplinary team that allows us to tackle complex projects, rewarding professional and personal development; facilitating creativity and providing each person the best of yourself every day.
  • Efficiency: We believe in productive performance, agile and dynamic take decisions, proposing solutions quality, realistic and achievable.
  • Listen to our clients and our partners, we seek a solution to their needs and tranquility to your concerns. We are open to new challenges and we encourage the participation and collaboration channels.
  • Customer focus: work focused on meeting the needs of our customers, trying to overcome their expectations at all times.



Who we are


Softcrits is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, highly trained and  in constantly growing, with a deep background in the development of complex high-tech systems .

We are a young team characterized by search for innovative solutions and creating value.

We like challenges and are committed to our customers.

We work in a socially responsible environment, committed to making a better world through the latest technologies.

We work from an agile and dynamic environment with high production capacity and adaptation.



In Softcrits we believe in the management excellence and we understand the agreement with the environment as one of our main values.

You can read our RSC policy in the following link.

We are licensed by AENOR in the establishment of a quality and environmental management system that complies with the rules ISO 9001:2015 and the environmental ISO 14001:2015.

IQNET_ISO9001_mini IQNET_ISO14001_mini
AENOR_ISO9001_mini AENOR_ISO14001_mini

We act responsibly from the ethical and social point of view; we promote a solid and stable work environment for our collaborators, with a established career plan where continuous training is one of our strong points.

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